Imperil is the former platformer hit on newgrounds, now bigger, better and more complete!

Follow the the story of a hero, overcoming the trials of a land on the brink of ruin, with its people desparate for help. "Imperil" has laid waste to the land and must be stopped!
Get your hands on a ruthless 2D precision platfromer filled with puzzles of a retro inspired yet fresh and modern game!

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Once a small group of ambitious kids, now fully grown with great potential. This team known for only a few titles during their "non-company" productions has now released their first title!

In our youth we assembled computers, drew on papers, composed simple tunes and even made small movie shorts for fun! Now our inspiration has led us to thinking about our lives and what we wish to accomplish!
Meet Polybit, the current name for their organisation along with all their upcoming games.
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